The cost of knowledge

    Publishing ones own result is hard work. Still please note the following.
  1. The cost of knowledge. Link
  2. Math journal prices. Link1, Link2
  3. Timothy Gower original blog. Link
  4. Elsevier's Response. Link

A mathematical link collection

  1. Mathoverflow. Link
  2. The n-lab. Link
  3. The n-category cafe. Link
  4. The Secret Blogging Seminar. Link
  5. History of Mathematics archive. Link
  6. Mathgen: randomly generated mathematics research papers. Link
  7. Database of integer sequences. Link
  8. Atlas of Lie groups and representations. Link
  9. Theorem of the day. Link
  10. ProofWiki. Link
  11. Inkscape (for pictures). Link
  12. MathJax. (Click for some examples.) Link
  13. “Caution! Functor!”. Link
  14. “Connections on ArXiv”. Image Original source. Link
  15. Map projection transitions. Link
  16. The library of babel. Link

  1. I am still a fool.
  2. My paper got accepted.
  3. The arXiv version of this paper was updated.
  4. My paper got accepted.
  5. The arXiv version of this paper was updated.

"There are two ways to do mathematics. The first is to be smarter than everybody else. The second way is to be stupider than everybody else - but persistent." - based on a quotation from Raoul Bott.

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